What Do Quokkas Eat?


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Quokkas are herbivorous animals that feed only on plant matter, such as the leaves, stems and bark of trees. They also eat grass and stems of smaller plants. Quokkas are most active at night, and when food is scarce, they can survive by obtaining energy from the fat stored in their tails.

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The quokka is a marsupial species found in Australia. They are slightly larger than domesticated cats, and they are covered in coarse, brown hair. Quokkas have rounded heads with prominent black noses, large black eyes and rounded ears. They dwell in grassy areas and spend a lot of their time in trees. Quokkas are considered a vulnerable species. Their populations are being threatened by habitat destruction due to logging. Humans and domesticated dogs and cats have also killed many quokkas in Australia.

Like kangaroos and other marsupials, female quokkas carry their young in pouches on their abdomens. Young quokkas, known as joeys, leave their mothers' pouches when they are about 6 months old, but they continue returning to their mothers to nurse until they are about 8 months old. Quokkas are able to reproduce when they are about 18 months old, and they can give birth up to two times per year. Females are only pregnant for a month before giving birth.

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