Where Do You Find Quality Shark Images Online?


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Quality images of sharks are available from online resources such as NationalGeographic.com, DreamsTime.com, Shutterstock.com and the animals section of HowStuffWorks.com. Images of different types of sharks are featured on these websites.

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NationalGeographic.com features a gallery with 10 images of sharks captured by professional photographers. Types of sharks shown in this gallery include great white, hammerhead, Galapagos, basking and nurse. Other types of sharks featured are sand tiger, bull, tiger and whale. Short facts about sharks are provided with each photo. One of these facts is that bull sharks are the kind of shark that is most likely to attack humans because they like swimming in shallow waters.

DreamsTime.com provides quality photos of live sharks as well as shark cartoons and graphics. Photos of shark-themed food, such as shark cakes and latte art, are also featured. The pictures of live sharks often contain other fish and ocean life. Some of the pictures feature divers in shark cages. Shutterstock.com offers similar images.

HowStuffWorks.com provides a gallery of shark photos along with bits of information. Types of sharks featured in this gallery include great white, lemon, bronze whalers, hammerhead and silvertip. One fact about silvertip sharks is that they swallow food whole instead of chewing it.

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