What Are the Qualities of a German Shepherd Husky Mix?


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German shepherd husky mix dogs are loyal, energetic and loving family members. Mixed breed dogs such as these tend to have the best qualities of both breeds, according to Dog Breed Plus, an educational site focused on dogs.

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German shepherd husky mixes are sometimes called Giberian shepsky dogs. They are generally between 35 and 88 pounds and stand between 20 and 24 inches tall.

Siberian huskies have a strong predatory drive and these mixed breed puppies may inherit this trait; this means they should always be supervised around cats and small animals.

German shepherds love to please their owners and do well with regular exercise. They make excellent watchdogs and require weekly brushing.

A mix between these dogs often results in a very fluffy, energetic dog that requires regular brushing and thrives in cooler climates.

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