What Do Pythons Eat for Food?

Stefan Muth/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Pythons are carnivores and in the wild they can eat animals such as antelope, monkeys, rodents, lizards, birds and caimans. If a python’s habitat is near a location where there is livestock, it will feed on these animals. In captivity, a python’s diet can include thawed rodents and rabbits.

A python finds prey by waiting in ambush. Once it takes hold of an animal, it squeezes the prey until it stops breathing. A python eats the whole animal and then goes off to digests its meal.

This snake belongs to the Boidae family. There are 33 species of pythons. Pythons can live on land or in trees. This snake’s range includes Africa, the southeast region of Asia, Australia and Madagascar. A python can live in areas such as swamps, rainforests and grasslands.

The length of a python can range from very small (at 23 inches), to the largest at 33 feet. Pythons have a life span of 35 years.