Do You Put Vinegar or Baking Soda on a Wasp Sting?

Both baking soda and vinegar can provide relief from the sting of a wasp or a bee, but baking soda is the more common remedy. A thick paste of baking soda and water applied directly to the sting can neutralize the soreness and reduce itchiness.

Other common home remedies include rubbing the sting with a raw onion, a raw potato or the juice of a lemon. Many people, including Chris Brantley in an article for “Slate,” recommend using a meat tenderizer containing the enzyme papain that supposedly breaks down the toxins in the venom. Some recommend applying toothpaste. The efficacy of any of these remedies can only be ascertained by personal use. One of the most effective and universal remedies is ice, which numbs the pain and prevents swelling by constriction of the blood vessels.