How Do You Put a Dog Harness on Your Dog?

put-dog-harness-dog Credit: Moson Kuo/Moment/Getty Images

Dog harnesses are the safest way to walk a dog, since a properly fitting dog harness does not slip off. Fitting a harness on a dog can be a little tricky but following a few simple steps ensures a good fit.

  1. Position the dog harness on the dog

    Some harnesses can be either stepped into or slipped over the dog's head. In both situations, the harness should be unbuckled and loose. For a step-in harness, lay it on the floor and place the dog's right foot in the right loop and left foot in the left loop. For a slip-on harness, slip the head piece hole over the dog's head and arrange the two leg straps between the front legs and under the belly.

  2. Buckle the harness

    Secure the strap buckles on the harness. For a harness that is stepped into, this buckle will connect on the dog's back. For a slip-on harness, there are likely two buckles, one on either of the dog's sides.

  3. Adjust and tighten the harness

    Using the adjustment points on the harness, tighten the harness so that two fingers can fit snugly between the harness and the dog at any point. Any tighter and the harness digs into the dog.