How Do You Put a Dog Down at Home?

According to For Dummies, the safest and most comfortable way to euthanize a dog at home is to schedule an at-home session with a veterinarian willing to make house calls. If the local veterinarian does not make house calls, the American Association of Housecall Veterinarians maintains a database of those that do.

Advantages of at-home euthanasia primarily revolve around the desire of pet owners to reduce stress during the last few moments of their dog's life. Large or very ill dogs cannot easily or comfortably be transported, while euthanizing at home allows owners to surround their pets with creature comforts to ease their passing. Being able to see the dog die may also help other pets come to terms with the death. According to the Washington Post, some owners throw elaborate funerals to mourn the passing of their pets, with the home setting allowing for more personalized expressions of love and grief; however, a large disadvantage of at-home euthanasia is that the grief can taint the room in which the procedure is performed.

DVM360, a veterinary magazine, advocates at-home euthanasia to reduce the risk of owners attempting DIY remedies for financial reasons that injure their pets and prolong their suffering. Before agreeing to perform a euthanasia procedure, veterinarians perform a full-body examination to determine for themselves the necessity of carrying out the procedure.