What Are Some Purina Horse Feed Products?


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Purina horse feed products include Strategy, Omolene, Ultium, Impact, Enrich, Equine Senior, Junior and Adult, and Race Ready. Purina also manufactures Well Solve horse feed, which is available in low starch and weight control varieties. Purina recommends its Miniature Horse and Pony feed for small breeds of horses.

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Purina manufactures various types of horse feed for different ages and specific needs of horses. For competitive and performance horses, Purina offers Ultium, Omolene and Impact horse feed. High-energy horses receive the extra nutrition their bodies require when they eat these feeds.

Older horses need special nutrients to support their aging immune and digestive systems. Horses that are unable to eat hay, due to missing teeth, replenish their bodies with these missing nutrients when eating Equine Senior. Conversely, the ingredients in Equine Junior help young horses, from five months old to two years of age, grow and thrive. This special formula improves a young horse's coat, muscles, hooves and bones.

Purina horse feed is available in various consistencies including granules and pellets. The Feed Recommender tool on the PurinaMills.com website helps consumers choose which type of Purina feed they should use. After answering specific questions about their horse, the tool offers recommendations for the Purina feed product that best suits their needs.

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