How Are Pure Bred Dogs Registered?

How Are Pure Bred Dogs Registered?

The exact procedure for registration depends on whether a dog owner is registering with the American Kennel Club registry, World Kennel Club registry or North American Purebred Registry. Purebred dogs can also be registered with the American Purebred Registry.

To be eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club, the litter needs to be registered with the organization. The buyer is responsible for obtaining a Dog Registration Application from the seller. The application includes the gender, color and markings of the dog. It also requires the name and address of the owners, name of the dog, registration type and payment. This information, with payment, is sent to the AKC.

World Kennel Club registration is similar, except the organization only registers certain breeds. WKC also asks for more extensive information, such as name of the dog's dam and sire and date of birth. Dog owners are also required to submit pictures of the dog being registered.

The North American Purebred Registry is only for dogs in North America. This registry does not require that the parents or litter be previously registered.

The American Purebred Registry is for dogs that cannot be registered with one of the above organizations because of time constraints or lost paperwork. For instance, if the litter is not registered, new owners can still have their puppy registered through APR.