What Are Some Puppy Training Games?


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Time-honored puppy training games include hide and seek, catch, tug-of-war, fetch, and exchange. Training puppies through game-playing is a preferred way to combine exercise and learning, states DogTrainingClassroom.com.

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Hide and seek involves hiding a prized toy or other item and encouraging the puppy to search for it. In a variant of this game, the owner hides and the puppy must find him. Catch is the classic game of throwing a ball for the puppy to catch in the air. Use flexible balls that are hollow inside, advises Jack-Russell-Lover.com.

In tug-of-war, the owner holds one end of a rope or other long, flexible toy, gives the other to the dog, and both pull for possession of the toy. Letting the puppy win this one most of the time keeps her from getting discouraged. Another favorite is fetch, in which the owner throws a toy and the puppy brings it back, sharpening retrieval skills. In exchange, the puppy learns to respond to her name in exchange for a treat. This should be practiced often, notes DogTrainingClassroom.com

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