What Is a Puppy Finder?


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PuppyFinder.com is a website that connects pet seekers with puppies ready for adoption. Another website, such as Dogtime.com, can help locate a puppy that is appropriate for the specific inquiry based on space, activity level and time available to train. Search requests can be narrowed by breed, age, sex and location.

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Puppy finder sites offer links to pet supplies and veterinary services on the side bar. Pet supplies required for a new puppy include a leash, collar, furniture, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, ID tags, gates, fences and training information. Multiple breeds with descriptions are listed on the sites from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers to ensure compatibility between the owner and the pet. PuppyFind.com provides a list of questions to ask prior to welcoming a puppy into the home.

As of 2014, approximately four million adoptable pets and puppies are killed each year in shelters, 25 percent of which are purebred. Mixed-breed dogs tend to be healthier with less inherited genetic disease and breed-related defects, meaning less veterinary bills. Puppies require a lot of time and attention to housebreak and train. A puppy needs to empty its bladder every hour in the first month of life. Every additional month of life adds an additional hour to that time. A 3-month-old puppy needs to be let out every three hours.

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