How Do You Get Puppies to Stop Biting?

How Do You Get Puppies to Stop Biting?

Help a puppy learn to stop biting by yelping or speaking sternly during play as he mouths on your hands, and then by giving short timeouts. Reward the puppy during play when he is gentle instead of biting and when he stops biting.

  1. Allow the puppy to mouth

    Play with the puppy on the floor with your hands and allow him to mouth on your hand a little.

  2. Yelp or speak sternly when the puppy bites

    If your puppy bites down on your hand during mouthing, startle him by letting out a high-pitched yelp, and then make your hand appear limp. If the yelping doesn’t startle the puppy, speak sternly to him. If he stops biting, give him a reward of praise.

  3. Move to a timeout

    Stop playing with your puppy for about 10 to 20 seconds if he doesn’t respond to yelping or your stern voice. Ignore him during this timeout period, and then begin playing once more. If he still bites, move away from him for the timeout period.

  4. Repeat the steps

    Continue with the yelping, stern talk and timeout steps for about 15 minutes each day until the hard bites subside. Then work on the moderate bites until the puppy learns to play with your hands gently with no biting at all.