How Do You Find Free Puppies in Oregon?


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You may find free puppies in Oregon through friends, relatives or acquaintances who own a dam that recently gave birth. Some Oregon animal shelters or humane society chapters may also have puppies available for free adoption.

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If the dam your friend, relative or acquaintance owns recently gave birth to puppies, ask if you can adopt one of the puppies for free. If possible, do not take the puppy away from its litter or mother until it is at least 8 weeks old as doing so may cause behavioral problems as the puppy grows older. Although you may get a puppy without paying anything to its original owner, you still need to take your new animal companion to a veterinarian to get its vaccines, deworming medications and other services and treatments.

Many animal shelters and humane society chapters hold adoption events in which they waive the adoption fees of the animals for special situations. The Oregon Humane Society, for example, conducts adoption specials where individuals aged 60 and up can adopt a select group of dogs and cats without charge on specific days of the week.

Although a shelter or rescue group may charge a fee for puppy adoption, the adoption fee covers most of the veterinary services that a puppy needs during its first few months, such as core vaccines, deworming, microchipping, and neutering or spaying. The adoption fee also serves as a donation to the shelter or rescue organization, defraying the costs of operating their shelter or facility and caring for the animals.

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