How Do Pugs Give Birth?

Like most mammals, the pug breed gives birth by pushing the fully formed newborn through the mother's birth canal. Many pugs are able to give birth at home. Narrowness in a pug's hips may require a Caesarean operation for healthy delivery. Ask a veterinarian about a pug's birthing plan once she becomes pregnant to ensure a safe delivery.

According to the Pug Dog Information Center, a pug remains pregnant for 60 to 65 days and births three to four puppies per litter. If a pug is pregnant for longer than 67 days, it is important to bring her to a veterinarian for evaluation.

A pug's temperature drops below 100 degrees Fahrenheit when she is ready to give birth, signifying the start of labor. Do not offer water or food once the labor begins, as this is typically thrown up. Every puppy is born inside its amniotic sac and the mother rips the sac open with her teeth. It may be necessary to gently pull the puppies from the mother once they have emerged. The mother, when left unattended, bites the umbilical cords of the puppies to detach them. If the need arises, this detachment can also be done using a sterilized thread.