What Is the Proper Procedure for Selling a Dog?


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To properly sell a dog, a seller must first obtain any licenses or permits required by law. The seller can then find a buyer and sell the dog with a written contract or bill of sale. The seller must disclose any health issues, and in some areas, puppies must be above a certain age. Sellers typically find buyers by word of mouth or by advertising through classified ads.

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If a breeder is selling purebred puppies, the breeder must also provide a registration application. Only puppies from registered litters can be registered with the American Kennel Club, so that paperwork needs to be in place before the puppies can go to their new homes. People who are re-homing a single dog usually do not need any special licenses, permits or registration papers.

Ethical sellers typically spend some time screening buyers to make sure they are capable of providing a good home for a dog. The seller should ask questions about the buyer's lifestyle, as it might affect the dog. Ethical sellers also often ask for references, especially from a veterinarian or other trusted source. A seller may also ask to do a home visit or drop the dog off at the buyer's home to make sure everything is accurate.

Good sellers also typically make sure the dog is healthy and has had routine veterinary care, such as vaccinations and spay or neuter surgery. In addition to disclosing any health issues, sellers should disclose any behavioral problems.

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