What are some products that keep dogs from chewing furniture?


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Sprays to deter dogs from chewing furniture include: Omega Pet Anti-Chew Bitter Spray and NaturVet YUCK No Chew Dog Spray. In addition to spray deterrents, toys that keep dogs busy, such as Kong brand toys and busy-box-style dog toys, help deter chewing.

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Sprays are formulated to taste bitter and deter dogs from biting and chewing items to which they are applied. Omega Pet Anti-Chew Bitter Spray is made with all natural ingredients and is safe to use on most surfaces, including fabric and furniture. NaturVet YUCK spray is alcohol free, safe and does not stain most surfaces.

Kong brand toys are chew toys that have a hole for inserting a treat. Kong toys keep dogs occupied; and, they are distinguishable from everyday household items. Busy-box-style dog toys are puzzle-type toys that hold a treat. The Humane Society recommends using these styles of toys to keep dogs busy so they don't chew furniture.

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