What Products Come From Whales?

Products that come from whales include lamp oil, cooking oil, soaps, wax, mechanical lubricants, meat and string. Many of these products can be produced through other means; however, many who support the whaling industry argue that these products are not of as high quality as those made from whales.

One whale can provide 25 tons of oil. Baleen whale oil is edible, while sperm whale oil is not. Whale oil can be used to fuel oil lamps and automotive vehicles, lubricate jewelry and other metals, or, if it's from a baleen whale, made into consumable products like margarine.

Whale blubber is used to make soap and for cooking. Depending on the type of whale, the meat may or may not be eaten. Sperm whales, for instance, have a very strong and tough meat that is not easily consumed by humans. Instead, it is processed into whalemeal or used as a stock feed additive. Baleen whale meat, on the other hand, is very popular in Japanese diet. Whale meat was once used in pet food, but that has stopped due to consumer outrage.

The bones of whales are used in a variety of ways. They can be carved and used for decoration, ground up for fertilizer or used to provided the rigidity of corsets and umbrellas. The tendons from whales are used to create the netting in tennis rackets. The body of a whale is massive and all parts can be used.