What Is the Process of Adopting a Black Maltese Puppy?


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While the requirements and process for adopting a puppy vary depending on location and which type of organization handles the adoption, adopting a black Maltese puppy is generally a straightforward process. First, find an animal shelter or store that has one, and then contact that organization for specific adoption requirements.

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Many people choose to adopt from an animal shelter. Animals found in shelters are often older but may have already been trained or housebroken by previous owners. Puppies that are adopted from a shelter are often spayed or neutered, and they are given any necessary shots and medical treatments before adoption. The adoption fees cover the costs of these procedures significantly reduce initial veterinary care costs.

In terms of requirements, adoption agencies usually want to know about the home the puppy is going to. They generally want to know the size of the yard, whether or not there are other pets and children in the home, and how the puppy will be cared for. The new owners are also expected to maintain the puppy's shots and provide adequate food, shelter and medical care.

Animal shelters and other pet adoption agencies can generally be found in the telephone book or via online phone directories.

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