What Preys on the Desert Fox?


The desert fox doesn't have many natural predators because it isn't easily caught by other animals. The primary predator of the desert fox is the desert eagle owl. Other potential predators include the jackal, hyena and desert lynx.

The Fennec Fox, also known as the desert fox, is found in the Sahara Desert and in other parts of North Africa. The desert fox is the smallest of the foxes in the world and typically weights just over 2 pounds. The desert fox grows to a total length of no more than 20 inches. This fox is able to go without water for long periods of time, like other animals that dwell in the desert. The desert fox limits the amount of exposure to predators by not frequenting water sources on a regular basis. The desert fox's exposure to danger is also limited by being nocturnal.

The desert fox is omnivorous and typically consumes plants, rodents, insects, reptiles, small birds and eggs. Hunting is done in the cooler temperatures of the night. The desert fox is known for its disproportionately large ears that measure 6 inches, close to half of its total length. Desert foxes live in underground dens, which makes it difficult for researchers to be certain of their population in the wild.