What Are Some Previously Unknown Sea Creatures?


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Thousands of previously unknown sea creatures have been discovered in the last decade, including the dumbo octopus, the yeti crab, the blind lobster and the benthic comb jelly. Many of these bizarre species inhabit the deepest depths of the ocean.

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What Are Some Previously Unknown Sea Creatures?
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Reaching up to 6 feet in length, the previously unknown dumbo octopus uses its giant, elephant-like fins to move through the darkness. Named for its hairy pincers, the yeti crab was first observed on the sea floor in 2005 at depths of about 7,200 feet. Bearing abnormally long claws, the blind lobster was found at a depth of 900 feet and is just the third species of its genus ever discovered. Benthic comb jelly is another recent discovery; the ctenophore was found more than 21,000 feet below the surface off the coast of Japan.

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