How Do You Prevent UTI in Dogs?


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According to PetWave, canine UTIs are best prevented by determining what causes or predisposes an animal to them. Fresh water to flush microorganisms out of the urinary tract is vital. PetWave recommends consulting a veterinarian to determine whether or not a long-term, low-grade antibiotic to prevent future UTIs may be necessary. PetMD explores the belief that cranberries prevent canine UTIs, but it determines that the evidence is inconclusive.

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PetMD traces the idea that cranberry consumption prevents UTIs to a 2012 review of several studies that demonstrated that cranberry juice reduced the frequency of UTIs in women who experienced them frequently. However, other studies contradicted these findings. PetMD concludes that cranberry supplements are safe to feed dogs in addition to standard medical treatment.

PetWave urges dog owners to schedule regular checkups for their canine companions, especially since dogs with high pain thresholds do not show outward signs of symptoms. Chronic UTIs can cause long-term damage to the tissues of the urinary tract and become more difficult to treat. They occur more often in female dogs and can be very painful. Frequent and difficult urination, loss of appetite, depression, cloudy or bloody urine, discharge, and inflammation indicate a UTI. Untreated, UTIs can worsen and lead to much more serious infections.

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