What Are Some Pretty Cat Names?

pretty-cat-names Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Daisy, Angelina, Lexi, Luna, Diamond, Athena, Gracie, Sassy, Lulu and Destiny are examples of the most popular cat names, according to petMD and Cat Names Meow. Cats are apt to learn a one-syllable or two-syllable name more quickly than they would a longer name. Those who want their cats to quickly know when they are being spoken to might be best served by giving them shorter names.

Additional names include Angel, Lily, Ellie, Molly, Amber, Ayla, Kitkat, Maisy, Autumn, Misty, Angela, Alice, Coco, Bubbles, Moonlight, Ruby, Amanda, Snowball, Vicky, Winnie, Sienna, Kiara, Kiki, Nikita, Sophie and Chloe.

Whatever name a cat owner chooses for her cat, she should insist that all family members and others use the same name to avoid confusion. Nicknames are not a good idea. A cat shouldn't be named "Miss Sassy" if some people intend to call it by its full name and others intend to simply call it "Sassy" for short.

Some people look to pop culture to name their cats. Those who seek to do this should first consider that books, movies and other fads may be popular one day and passé the next.