How Do You Prepare Your Home for Adopting a Birman Kitten?


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Birman kittens are a long-haired cat breed and have a few special needs related to the proper care and upkeep of their coat; other than this area of concern, preparing a home for a Birman kitten is not much different than the process of preparing a home for any other cat breed. It is important to purchase proper cat care equipment such as a litter box and water dish in addition to blocking access to any potentially dangerous areas of the house, such as an open fireplace grate. Those who adopt Birman kittens should also obtain grooming equipment, such as a comb or brush.

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In addition to getting standard cat care items and special long-haired cat grooming equipment, Birman kitten owners may also want to purchase tools used to clean up pet hair, such as lint rollers and special pet hair brooms or vacuums. Birman cats do shed their coats regularly, and some owners may be concerned about cleaning up the loose hair. Birman cat grooming supplies should also include baby powder, which can be lightly sprinkled on the cat's fur and brushed through if the fur ever develops an oily appearance.

In addition to caring for the Birman cat's fur, owners who keep this docile cat as an indoor pet should be prepared to trim the animal's front claws. This may require a special set of pet nail trimmers.

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