What Are Predators of Pigs?

predators-pigs Credit: John Burke/The Image Bank/Getty Images

In North America, predators of the pig include mountain lions, coyotes, dingoes, alligators and bobcats. Pigs have been domesticated since 10,000 BC and often live on farms. Wild and domesticated pigs can be found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Wild pigs are fast runners and good swimmers. They seek out moist forests near swamps and rivers as their habitat.

Pigs encounter various predators, depending on which continent they inhabit. In Asia, the endangered pygmy hog is prey to mongooses, hawks, pythons and tigers. This small population of fewer than 300 pigs lives in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. The red river hog is native to Africa and faces predators including hyenas, lions, leopards and snakes. This pig has benefited from the influx of civilization, as the rise in human activity has driven predators away from the farmlands. The European wild boar inhabits areas across northern and central Europe. It is hunted by brown bears, foxes, crocodiles, lynx and wolves. Wild pigs in North America and Australia are often feral pigs that have escaped captivity or been released. Populations of feral pigs are on the rise in California, Florida, Texas and Hawaii, as well as in the rainforests of Australia.