What Are the Predators of the Dumbo Octopus?

The main predators of the Dumbo octopus are killer whales and sharks. Because Dumbo octopuses spend most of their lives at great depths, the species does not have many predators.

Around 37 different species of Dumbo octopus have been identified. Their name comes from their similarity to Walt Disney's famous Dumbo the elephant, due to the octopus's earlike fins. Dumbo octopuses are found in all oceans but are rarely seen because they live on the ocean floor at depths ranging from 1,300 to 23,000 feet, unlike other of species of octopus, which live in shallower water.

The body of the typical Dumbo octopus is red, orange or green in color and normally small in size (about 8 inches long), though some octopuses can reportedly reach lengths of 6 feet. They feed on many different types of creatures, such as crustaceans, worms and bivalves on the bottom of the ocean. When they do travel to shallower waters, their diet can include zooplankton such as copepods. Their prey is normally not larger than 1 to 2 mm in size.

Dumbo octopuses live for three to five years. They do not have a mating season, and females deposit eggs throughout the year. Eggs are fertilized inside the female's body and carried until they reach the appropriate level of maturity. They are then placed under shells or rocks, where they hatch and produce young that are developed enough to live and feed on their own.