What Are Predators of Anteaters?

The main predators of anteaters are big cats like mountain lions, jaguars, pumas and humans. Human hunters have been known to go after these normally shy animals for both food and sport.

The giant anteater is normally found in South America. As its name suggests, the anteater eats insects, such as ants, termites, honeybees and beetle larvae. These creatures are normally shy and will walk or gallop away from any threatening animals. However, when they are cornered, anteaters are capable of rearing up on their hind legs and swiping at predators with their clawed forepaws. These claws are very strong and sharp, more than capable of cutting open skin. They can even kill in self-defense with these natural weapons.

The predators of giant anteaters include jaguars, pumas, mountain lions and humans. Humans kill anteaters for a number of reasons, including sport, fear and for food. It is eaten in Bolivia and in Venezuela, where the anteater is prized for its claws.

Anteaters are also killed by accident, largely because they are slow-moving creatures. Anteaters are run over by cars, killed by dogs, die in forest fires and are killed via human destruction of their habitats. As more of the anteater's habitat is destroyed the creatures have trouble feeding themselves due to a lack of prey.