How Do You Potty Train a Yorkie?


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House training a Yorkshire Terrier doesn't happen overnight. Some Yorkshires take months to housebreak. It is important to be consistent and put the puppy on a schedule. Spanking or rubbing the puppy's nose in the mess doesn't help. If necessary, put a dog diaper on the puppy to minimize messes during the training process.

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  1. Follow a strict schedule

    Take the puppy out first thing in the morning, after each meal and every time it wakes up. Take the puppy out to the chosen potty spot and stay there until it goes. It is very important to be present and give praise each time the puppy goes. If the puppy goes immediately after coming back inside, it wasn't outside long enough.

  2. Supervise the puppy

    When the puppy is in the house playing, watch carefully at all times. It can sneak off and potty in the wrong place if it isn't watched, which introduces inconsistency into the training. If the puppy starts sniffing around or circling, rush it to the potty spot.

  3. Confine when needed

    When you can't watch the puppy, confine it. Use a crate for short periods of time. For longer periods, use an exercise pen or puppy-proofed room. Put potty pads or newspaper down in a corner of the area in case the puppy has to go.

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