How Do You Potty Train a Dog?

How Do You Potty Train a Dog?

Potty training a dog can take several months to year, depending on its age and size. Ideally, the best time to start potty training is when a dog is between 12 and 16 weeks old. However, older dogs can be potty trained as well.

  1. Visit a veterinarian

    Visit a veterinarian before you begin potty training your dog to ensure that it doesn't have any medical issues, such as a urinary tract infection. If your dog does have a medical issue, medicate it before beginning the potty training process.

  2. Get rid of dog waste odors around the house

    Use an enzyme cleaner to thoroughly clean out the scent of any accidents your dog has had around the house.

  3. Take your dog outside or to a designated spot inside the house to do its business

    If you are potty training a puppy, keep it in a small gated area or a crate while it's indoors, and carry it to its potty spot if it's acting restless, or after it eats, drinks or takes a nap. Wait until the puppy does its business, then return it to its confined area. If you are potty training an older dog, take it outside several times a day, especially after it eats or drinks, and wait until it does its business. Praise it and reward it with a small treat immediately after it has gone potty in the correct area. Don't punish a dog for having an accident indoors, but do quickly clean up the mess and eliminate the odor.