What Do Pot-Bellied Pigs Eat?

pot-bellied-pigs-eat Credit: Digitaler Lumpensammler/Moment/Getty Images

According to Sea World, wild pot-bellied pigs are omnivores, and their diet includes eggs, snakes, frogs, fish and grasses. Domestic and farm-raised pot-bellied pigs consume pot-bellied pig feed, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Eating pig chow alone can cause obesity and dry skin in pot bellied pigs, so it is always a smart idea for pig owners to include at least one serving of vegetables per day to ensure proper nutrition.

Vegetables that are suitable for pot-bellied pigs include cucumbers, broccoli, squash, zucchini and beets.

Pot-bellied pigs eat practically anything and do anything for food, so it is imperative that domestic pig owners control their pigs' diets by feeding them controlled portions two times a day. Pot-bellied pigs can also be fed low-calorie treats, such as non-buttered popcorn, sugar-free crackers, natural cereals and dried fruits.

Overfeeding or underfeeding a pot-bellied can lead to obesity, health problems and premature death. Monitoring their pigs' specific eating habits in a controlled setting is a helpful way for pig owners to determine accurate portion sizes and dietary needs. Pot-bellied pigs should not be fed domestic pig chow, dog food, cat food, fatty cheeses, fatty meats or high-sodium foods. Pot-bellied pigs can benefit from daily grazing and exercise as well as supplemental vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and glucosamine.