It Is Possible to Use Regular Human Shampoo on Dogs?


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Using shampoo designed for humans on dogs is never a good idea because this type of shampoo can disrupt the acid mantle of the dog's skin. When the acid mantle has been disrupted, the dog's skin can become host to many types of harmful parasites, viruses and bacteria. Human shampoo may also dry out the dog's skin, causing them to scratch excessively.

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Humans and dogs have different pH levels of their skin. Shampoo designed for humans helps to balance out high acidity in human hair and provide a replacement to the topmost layer of hair scrubbed away during the wash. Dogs have a lower pH balance, requiring shampoo specially formulated for canines only.

Shampoos with artificial fragrances are not ideal for dog's sensitive skin. Instead, dog shampoos with honey, tea tree oil, vitamin E and aloe vera are ideal because they help to moisturize their skin. Natural fragrances such as citrus, lavender and chamomile offer enjoyable scents without irritating the dog's skin. Shampoos for dogs labeled with a pH balance of 7 are considered safe because they are in the neutral range.

Dogs do not need to be washed with shampoo on a regular basis, instead once a month or every few months is enough. Dogs can have baths with just water in between their shampoo baths to remove excess grime if needed.

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