What Are Some Popular Small Dog Breeders in Illinois?

What Are Some Popular Small Dog Breeders in Illinois?

Fuehne Family Pets, Tony's Happy Puppies, Love Our Dogs and Lakeside Companions are popular small dog breeders based in Illinois, as of 2015. Some dog breeds available include the Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, shih-tzu, poodle and Havanese. Some breeders also offer low-shedding, hypoallergenic designer crossbreeds, such as shichons, maltipoos or shorkies.

Fuehne Family Pets is located in Aviston, Illinois. The company offers small-breed companion pets such as poodles, toy and miniature schnauzers, and Maltese dogs.

Tony's Happy Puppies is situated in the town of Hampshire and specializes in toy-sized, non-shedding, purebred puppies. Puppies available include poodles, Havanese, bichones, shih-tzus and yorkies. The breeder also offers teddy bear puppies, a small, hypo-allergenic cross between bichons and shih-tzus.

Lakeside Companions specializes in breeding hypo-allergenic puppies. The business is situated in Warden, Illinois. Besides the more common traditional breeds, Lakeside Companions also offers mal-shi dogs. These are a low-shedding mix of purebred Maltese dogs with purebred shih-tzus.

Oswego-based Love Our Dogs specializes in designer breeds such as shichons and yorkies.

AKA's Doodles & Poodles is another well-known Illinois dog breeder located in the Caledonia/Belvidere area. The business offers small-to-medium-sized pets, mainly of designer breeds. These include the Australian labradoodle, the goldendoodle and the labradoodle, although full-breed poodles are also available.