What Are Some Popular Puppy Names?


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Bella, Daisy and Lucy were the most popular female puppy names, while Max, Charlie and Rocky were the most favored male puppy names in 2014, according to Vetstreet. Bella has been the top choice of owners of female puppies since 2006, whereas Max has claimed the top spot in the male puppy-name category for nine years.

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What Are Some Popular Puppy Names?
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Other popular female puppy names include Molly, Sophie, Zoey, Lola and Sadie. Many owners also chose the names Luna and Chloe for their pets. Zeus, Buddy, Toby, Bentley and Bear are other common male puppy names. Cooper and Duke are also popular among owners of male puppies.

When naming a puppy, an owner should choose a name that doesn't rhyme with commands, commonly used words or names of family members in the house to avoid confusing the dog or causing inappropriate reactions. It helps to pick a name that fits the dog's personality and reflects the owner's personal feelings toward the pet.

Dog trainers recommend selecting puppy names that are simple to speak for owners and easy to learn for dogs. Choosing two-syllable names allows dogs to respond quickly to their owners, as dogs find it easy to learn short sounds. Some dogs may find it difficult to learn long names consisting of three or more syllables. Moreover, people may mispronounce long names, making it difficult to train dogs properly.

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