What Are the Most Popular Pit Bull Friendly Apartment Complexes?

While apartment complex rules regarding pit bulls vary by complex, pit bull owners can visit MyPitBullIsFamily.com to view a list of pit bull-friendly complexes in the state in which they are looking for apartments. For example, as of 2015, Swan Lake Luxury Apartment Homes in Tampa, Florida, and Greenbriar Townhomes Apartments in Kingsland, Georgia, welcome pit bulls. MyPitBullIsFamily,com encourages visitors to send an email if they do not see any apartment listings in their desired area.

While many otherwise dog-friendly apartment complexes have bans on pit bulls, there are steps owners of this breed can take to make the apartment-hunting process less stressful, according to BadRap. Begin searching as early as possible, since it takes longer than average to find a pit bull-friendly complex, and even landlords who accept pit bulls might have special requirements the owners must meet. They may require owners to get the dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen, or they may request a letter of recommendation from a previous landlord stating the dog is well-behaved.

Even when a complex states a ban on pit bulls, it is worth checking if the landlord is willing to compromise, states BadRap. Some landlords are open to accepting pit bulls if the owner agrees to pay a larger security deposit. Others may desire to meet the dog or watch a video displaying the dog's obedience skills.