What Are Some Popular Pet Names?

What Are Some Popular Pet Names?

Examples of popular names for male dogs include Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy and Rocky. Popular names for female dogs include Bella, Lucy, Molly, Daisy and Sophie, as of 2016.

Max means "the greatest" and is an especially common name for dog breeds such as golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Yorkshire terriers and boxers. Buddy is a common name because it refers to dogs as man's best friend. Rocky is a name that suits playful and strong dogs and is one of the most popular names for boxers.

Bella, which means "beautiful," gained popularity due to the "Twilight" book series. Lucy is a popular name for dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers and boxers. Molly is an Irish name that translates to "star of the sea" and is a common name for dachshunds and golden retrievers.

Additional names that are common for male dogs are Toby, Buster and Duke. More popular names for female dogs are Sadie, Chloe and Lola. These are examples of popular names registered with VPI pet insurance which is one of the biggest pet insurance companies.

Examples of popular names for female cats include Coco, Lily, Missy, Cleo and Misty. Common names for male cats are Oscar, Simba, Tiger, Leo and Jasper.