What Are Some Popular Names for Pet Bunnies?


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Thumper, Fluffy, Bunny, Oreo and Roger are some popular names for pet bunnies. Bunny names that are comically popular are Energizer and Nesquik, since they are known as the rabbit mascots of two well-circulated brands.

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What Are Some Popular Names for Pet Bunnies?
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Thumper and Roger both tend to be popular pet bunny names because of the characters from the film "Bambi" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," respectively. The name Fluffy is popular because it is a great fit for a new furry, fluffy pet. The name Oreo is not just a popular name for bunnies, but for any type of pet that happens to be black and white, while the name Bunny is popular because of its obvious simplicity.

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