What Are Some Popular Names for Female Hamsters?


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As of November 2015, popular names for female hamsters include Baby, Cheeky, Dumpling, Tinkerbell and Nibbles, according to Hamster-Club.com. Hamster owners may also wish to consider names such as Butterball, Fuzzy, Daisy, Jellybean and Muffin. The owner may base the new pet's name on the animal's appearance, size or disposition, or may choose to name the hamster after a favorite movie, book or television character.

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Common hamster names often reflect the animal's small size and round, fuzzy appearance. Cute names such as Munchkin, Nugget, Popcorn and Skittles are popular with hamster owners.

The new hamster owner may also wish to base the name choice on the type of hamster the owner obtains. For example, Syrian hamsters are much larger than dwarf hamsters, so names such as Tiny are more common among dwarf hamsters. Some Syrian hamsters have longer fur, prompting names such as Teddy Bear or Fluffy. Because Syrian hamsters are often more social with people, they may earn names such as Cuddles.

If the hamster is a new family pet, Parenting.com recommends choosing a simple name and allowing children to voice opinions. If the family cannot decide on a name, a vote may be necessary. The website also recommends naming a new pet as soon as possible so the animal can begin to recognize its name.

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