What Are Some Popular Names for Black Cats?


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Some popular cat names that are well-suited to a black cat are Smokey, Shadow and Bear. Blackjack and Blackie are also popular choices, especially for males. Licorice, Anise and Anisette, a licorice-flavored liqueur, are popular names for females. Eight-ball, Felix and Onyx are also popular black-cat names.

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What Are Some Popular Names for Black Cats?
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Coal, Charcoal, Ebony and Espresso are a few names that work equally well for male and female black-furred cats, while the "Star Wars" character Darth Vader is an excellent namesake for a fierce-looking black male. Lucky is a popular unisex name that carries an ironic twist, because as many people believe that black cats bring bad luck. Mittens, Socks and Oreo are popular choices for black cats with white feet or markings. Many people also name their black cats after Disney's famous mice Minnie and Mickey.

For those who want to name their cats something a bit more unusual, Maverick, the legendary gambler who always wore a black suit, and Johnny Cash, or simply Cash are good choices for males. Morticia, the "Addams Family" matriarch who constantly wore a black dress, is a good namesake for a female, as is Elvira, the legendary vampire queen from "Mistress of the Dark." Other unusual names derive from foreign languages, such as Dugan, which means "black-haired" in Celtic, and Kieran Mael, which is a Gaelic name that means "dark."

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