What Are Some Popular Male Cat Names?


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In 2014, some of the most popular male cat names included Mittens, Zeus, Thor, Olaf and Loki. Other common names for male cats are Simba, Socks, Bandit, Rex and Max.

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What Are Some Popular Male Cat Names?
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There is a popular trend among pet owners that has them naming their cats after characters in popular culture, most recently notable superheroes or villains. This is not a new trend; many cat owners have taken their cat's names from popular cultural works, with names such as Bagheera (from "The Jungle Book") and the ever-popular Simba (from "The Lion King") still remaining common names for male cats, despite their respective movies no longer occupying the spotlight. This trend is reflected in the most common cat names in 2014, as half of the names on that list are those of popular cultural icons.

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