What Are Some Popular Female Dog Names?


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Bella, Daisy and Lucy ranked as the three most popular names for female puppies born each year from 2011 through 2014, reports VetStreet.com. Other popular female puppy names include Chloe, Sophie, Lola, Molly and Sadie.

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What Are Some Popular Female Dog Names?
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Luna became the sole newcomer to the top 10 names in 2014. Many names among the database's top 50 names for female puppies in 2013 are also common human given names. Names such as Maggie, Gracie, Rosie, Lulu and Annie, often nicknames for more formal given names, also placed among the top 50, as did the terms of endearment Princess, Cookie and Baby. Several common English nouns, such as Lily, Penny, Pepper, Ginger and Diamond, also made the list.

Food names are also popular, with six percent of dogs having a name inspired by food. Examples of food names for female dogs include Ginger, Olive and Peach. Other owners choose tomboy names for a female dog, such as Charlie and Quinn.

Shorter names that end in a vowel, such as Penny, can help the dog learn to be responsive to the name, advises the American Kennel Club. Long and difficult to say names can confuse the dog. Owners can spend a few days getting to know the dog, and choose a name that fits the personality, such as Star. Owners who want to use the same name as a friend or family member can ask permission first, to ensure that no one is offended.

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