What Are Some Popular Female Dachshund Names?

What Are Some Popular Female Dachshund Names?

Examples of popular names for female Dachshunds include Bella, Sophie, Katie, Molly and Lexi. Other popular names are Sadie, Gracie, Lucy and Ellie, as of 2016.

Bella is a short diminutive of the name "Isabella" and other names that end in "bella." In the Italian language, Bella translates to "beautiful." Variations of this name include Belle, Issy, Izzy and Sabella.

Sophie is a French form of Sophia, which means "wisdom" in Greek. Alternate spellings of this name include Sofie, Sophy and Sofia. It is commonly used in English, French, German and Dutch cultures.

Katie is diminutive of the name "Katherine" or "Kate." Origins of this name are debated as coming from the Greek word "hekateros," which means "each of the two," or from the goddess Hecate. During the early Christian era, this name became associated with the Greek word "katharos," which means "pure." Famous figures with versions of this name include Katherine of Aragon, Catherine the Great and Catherine de Medici. Some other diminutives spellings are Katy, Kit, Cathy and Cailin.

Molly is diminutive of Mary, which developed from medieval diminutives such as Malle and Molle. Additional versions of this name from other languages are Mariam, Maria and Maja.