What Are Some Popular Dog Breeds?

What Are Some Popular Dog Breeds?

In 2014, the American Kennel Club listed the Labrador retriever, German shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog and the beagle as the most popular breeds. The Labrador retriever took the number one spot on the American Kennel Club’s most popular list, but it was followed closely by the German shepherd.

Known for its friendly, active and outgoing disposition, the Labrador is one of the most beloved breeds in the United States. They are high-spirited and robust with a gentle temperament that makes them the ideal family dog.

The German shepherd holds the second rank and is an intelligent, confident and courageous breed. Shepherds are strong, agile and active, and when properly bred and trained, they make ideal companions and family dogs.

Golden retrievers rank third. Because of their gentle temperament and their ability to adapt to many situations, blind individuals use them as guide dogs. Golden retrievers are devoted, well-mannered and easily trained.

The bulldog's gaining popularity stems from its combination of a robust, sturdy build with a gentle disposition to make it a lovable breed. While intelligent, they are single-minded, stubborn and difficult to train. Bulldog training is most successful when it begins at an early age and includes elaborate praise and rewards.

The beagle holds the fifth most popular rank. Curious and friendly, Beagles come in two sizes. This breed enjoys the companionship of people as well as other dogs. Originally bred as scent hounds, beagles have distinctive vocalizations and can be prone to excessive barking.