What Are the Most Popular Cat Names Given to Male Kittens?


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The most popular name in 2014 given to male kittens in the United States was Oliver, with other top choices being Mio, Simba, Tiger and Charlie, according to Vetstreet. More popular male names included Jack, Smokey and Kitty.

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What Are the Most Popular Cat Names Given to Male Kittens?
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Because many cats are never registered, it is impossible to get a truly accurate picture of what every cat is named in the United States. Nonetheless, the available data shows that cat names fluctuate in popularity just like human names. Trends often correspond to cultural events; Oliver is the main cat character in Disney’s “Oliver and Company,” and 2014 saw it as the top name for the second year in a row. Milo, the hero cat from the movie "Milo and Otis," and Simba, the titular lion from "The Lion King," are examples of other feline cultural landmarks that have remained popular namesakes for cats.

Despite fluctuations, plenty of classic cat names are as popular as ever. Charlie, Max, Smokey and Jack have remained roughly in the top 10 male cat names for decades. Leo, the feline astrological sign, consistently registers in the top 20. Kitty was the number one name for kittens from 2000-2006, and while it dropped down the list by 2014, it still remained in the top 10 for both male and female cats over the years.

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