What Do Poodles Eat?

poodles-eat Credit: 4X-image/E+/Getty Images

All three size variations of poodles recognised by the American Kennel Club excel on a diet of high quality dog food devoid of fillers and by-products. Toy and small poodles require a small breed formula with a lower fat content and smaller, bite-sized kibble. The standard sized poodle benefits from a larger breed formula containing glucosamine and chondroitin for hip function as well as bigger bites for better teeth cleaning.

Despite the hype of breed-specific dog food formulas, a poodles digestive system isn't vastly different from any other breed. Dog food has come a long way and high quality blends exist that perfectly meet the nutritional requirements of all breeds.

Poodle owners should avoid dog foods with fillers such as corn or soy as the first ingredients. These plant-based carbohydrates exist simply to fill the dogs stomach and are actually allergens to many poodles. Dog foods with animal by-product in the first ingredients should also be avoided. Animal by-product is the lowest quality form of that particular meat and is lower in standard to the actual meat or meat-meal.

Poodles often have sensitive stomachs and should not eat grain. Grains such as wheat are responsible for the majority of food allergies in dog foods.