What Is a Poodle Bichon Mix's Temperament?


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Both the poodle and bichon frise are active and intelligent dogs, so a mix will share this temperament. Both breeds are good-natured and naturally gentle, and they love to run, though the breeds are occasionally high-strung.

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The poodle is known for its exceptional learning ability, while the bichon is renowned for its gentle nature. According to the American Kennel Club, 95 to 98 percent of owners agree that bichon frise and poodles are easy to train and 86 to 94 percent agree that they get on well with other pets.

A poodle bichon mix can exhibit any of the characteristics found in either breed and the best way to determine possible temperament, according to DogTemperament.com, is to study both breeds' characteristics. Many designer hybrid dogs are not 50 percent of each breed in a purebred mix, and the second and third generation of bichon poodle mixes have the greatest variation in temperament.

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