What Do Pomeranians Eat?

Although Pomeranians may eat almost anything that is offered to them, they should only be fed high-quality dog food and should rarely be given table scraps as a treat. Commercial dog food that is very high in nutrients is recommended for Pomeranians during all stages of life.

As puppies, Pomeranians should be fed small amounts at least three times per day to prevent them from becoming hypoglycemic. Canned puppy food or very small kibble that is formulated for puppies works well. Always ask the breeder what he or she has been feeding the puppy and stick with that for the first few days. After that, you can gradually change the food if you want.

Adult Pomeranians should be fed well-balanced and nutritious canned dog food or small kibble at least twice per day. Never feed your Pomeranian kibble that has been made for larger dogs, as this could cause choking.