What Is a Pomeranian Poodle?


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A Pomeranian and poodle mix is a Pomapoo. Pomapoos are hypoallergenic because they do not shed a large amount of hair. The height of a Pomapoo ranges from 8 to 10 inches, and they typically weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. The life expectancy of a Pomapoo is 12 to 16 years.

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A Pomapoo comes in a variety of colors including white, beige, brown, black, red and orange. The coat of a Pomapoo is curly and fine or coarse and straight. If the coat is straight, the Pomapoo requires minimal cleaning while a curly coat requires regular bathing, hair brushing and nail trimming. The Pomapoo has no major heredity issues, but special care needs to be taken of their teeth and tear stains in the eyes.

Pomapoos are known to be highly intelligent, sweet-tempered dogs which makes for less difficult training. They are companion dogs with a low to moderate activity level. Exercise beyond regular walking and indoor or outdoor playtime is not necessary with this animal. There is a danger having small children around Pomapoos. Their small size can make them victims to mishandling. Obesity is a frequent problem for low-activity small house dogs, so an owner should be sure to maintain a healthy weight to prolong the dog's life.

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