What Is a Pomeranian-Pekingese Mix?


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A Pekingese-Pomeranian mix is sometimes called a Peek-a-pom or a Pominese. Three designer dog registries use the name Pominese, while only one uses the name Peek-a-pom.

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Breeders of designer mixes don't always just breed purebred to purebred to produce first-generation mixes. Sometimes they breed first-generation mixes to each other to produce second- or even third-generation mixes, and sometimes they breed later-generation mixes back to the purebreds. The name of the Pominese or Peek-a-pom does not reflect these different breeding practices. It is best to query the breeder about the exact pedigree of the dog being referred to as a Peek-a-pom or Pominese.

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