What Are Some Pomeranian Characteristics?


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The Pomeranian is a very small dog with a wedge-shaped head and short, straight muzzle. It has small, pointy ears and a thick, fluffy coat that varies in color and pattern. The Pomeranian is described as intelligent, proud and energetic. It is affectionate with its owner but not strangers. Pomeranians can be stubborn and difficult to train but make good watchdogs due to their alert and lively natures.

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What Are Some Pomeranian Characteristics?
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The Pomeranian owes its name to the province of Pomerania in Germany, which is now an area encompassing Germany and Poland. The original breed was a much larger dog weighing as much as 30 pounds and typically worked as a sheep herder. Marie Antoinette and Mozart are said to have owned Pomeranians.

In 1870, the Kennel Club in England first recognized the Pomeranian as a breed. In 1888, Queen Victoria began breeding the dogs for dog shows. The Pomeranian's intelligent and lively nature made it a natural at performing for crowds, including performing tricks and agility drills. The queen bred the Pomeranians down in size, leading to a 50 percent decrease in the breed's size over Victoria's lifetime. The smaller size led to a rise in the breed's popularity in England. In the same year, the American Kennel Club recognized Pomeranians as an established breed.

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