What are some facts about pollock?


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Fish known as pollock may be of the species Pollachius virens, Pollachius pollachius, or Gadus chalcogrammus. Americans most often eat Gadus chalcogrammus, known as Alaska pollock or walleye pollock, in fast food and frozen fish products.

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Alaskan pollock live in the northern Pacific Ocean, especially near Alaska. Pollachius virens, known as Atlantic pollock in the United States, are called coalfish, coley or saithe in England. They live near the Atlantic coasts of both North America and Europe.

Pollachius pollachius, which are not native to the waters around North America, are called lythe or pollack in England. They live in the northeastern Atlantic around Europe, including Greenland. All three species belong to the family Gadidae, but Gadus is a different genus from Pollachius.

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