What Are Some Facts About Polar Bears' Habitat?


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Polar bears live in an icy habitat located in the Arctic or northern regions of the Earth around the North Pole. The countries located in the polar bear's range include Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norway and the United States.

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The polar bear's habitat reaches extremely low temperatures, falling as low as minus 92 degrees Fahrenheit, although the temperature generally averages at minus 29 degrees Fahrenheit. Part of the bear's habitat, the water, is frigid as well at 28 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which saltwater freezes. Despite the cold temperatures, the Arctic waters remain an important aspect of the polar bear's habitat. The bear hunts and swims in it or waits on the ice above a hole where seals come up for air.

The polar bear is adapted to its cold habitat with its big paws and thick coats. A thick pelt covers its entire body, even the bottom of its feet, to keep it warm during cold temperatures. Beneath the thick fur, the bear has a thick layer of fat along with black skin that absorbs heat. The blubber or fat layer not only keeps the bear insulated but it also helps the bear to be more buoyant in the water.

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